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Bed & Breakfast Ireland - Purchasing Vouchers


The Pros & Cons of Using B&B Vouchers in Ireland

B&Bs in Ireland are usually Family Homes or purpose built properties run by a family. There are close to 4 thousand B&Bs in Ireland - typically they would offer 3 or 4 rooms but each region would have its share of larger properties. The advatages of staying in a B&B are many • no hidden costs • breakfast included • value • local knowledge • Free WiFi is common • Complimentary Tea & Coffee • the personal touch • perhaps most importantly they give a real insight to Irish hospitality and culture.

VOUCHERS expoit the B&Bs unique position in the Irish tourism market, reducing family incomes and decreasing the value of this type of accommodation for guests.

Pros Cons
  • You will pay at least 20% more for your accommodation
  • Most B&Bs prefer cash although many now accept credit cards
  • Many B&Bs offer Last Minute Discounts
  • Many B&B have Special Offers for more than one night stay
  • There is unlikely to be a full refund for unused vouchers
  • The majority of Irish B&Bs will not accept vouchers in High Season
  • Purchasing Vouchers will limit your choice of B&B
  • Vouchers are no guarantee rooms will be reserved
  • The B&B owners can wait months to be paid
  • Irish B&Bs have reduced their room rates for 2017
  • The B&B owner gets much less than the amount you paid - is this fair?

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